From Hints to Answers

Meet the Winners

The Arkansas Quest’s Winners

Paige and Ethen Schoen


1st Hint

2nd Hint:

"I don't come from the east, but instead from the west."

"I meander into Missouri and join the Elk River."


"I was once called Cedar Valley Creek."



Sugar Creek



Tanyard Creek.

3rd Hint

4th Hint

"A loop that is bisected is still a loop, but it does have halves. Which half will you take?"

"Find the two giants"


Take the easy path down into the eddy. (if the water were higher)


Go up the trail that follows the down.




Two of the biggest trees in this area, and they are close to each other.



Stay on the east side of the creek and walk upstream


The Louisiana Quest

Joshua Moorhouse and Kyla Boardman

The Missouri Quest

Joshua Moorhouse